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Dr. Lahu Rajaram Teli

Dr. Lahu Rajaram Teli

Assistant Professor

Subject area of interest:

Heterocyclic and its derivates



  • Doctor of Philosophy” in organic chemistry from Patkar college, Goregaon(w), Mumbai: 400062. (1998 – 2001) (University of Mumbai)
  • M. Sc. In organic chemistry from Patkar college, Goregaon(w), Mumbai:400062. (1996 -1998). Percentage obtained = 60% (University of Mumbai)
  • B.Sc. in chemistry with Drugs and Dyes as applied components from Patkar college, Goregaon(w), Mumbai: 400062. (1993 – 1996). Percentage obtained = 70.5% (University of Mumbai).


Professional Experience:

Total Experience: 18 years

Academic Experience: 17 years

Industrial Experience: 1 year

  • Presently working as Asst. Professor for Chemistry in ‘Shree L R Tiwari College of Engineering.
  • Worked as academic director at ‘L N Group of Institutes’ for 2 years 4 months (2010-2012).
  • Worked as a lecturer in Patkar college, Goregaon(w), Mumbai for 7 years (2002-2009) Taught organic chemistry for undergraduate students. Taught Analytical chemistry for undergraduate students and also conducted practicals.
  • Worked as a R & D executive in IPCA laboratories Ltd. for 6 months.*
  • Worked as a R & D chemist in Formokem (I) Pvt.Ltd. for 6 months.*
  • (*During Ph.D. period)


Research Highlights:

The Ph.D. research work involved the synthesis and characterization of pyranones and its related compounds. A brief account of work is as follows.

  • Coumarin/Benzo(7,8) coumarin-4-acetic acids were prepared by using Pechman condensation.
  • Synthesized hydrazano derivatives of coumarins by using diazotization method.
  • Synthesized 4-styryl coumarins by using Knoevenagel method.
  • Synthesized 4-formyl coumarins/benzocoumarins and their derivatives by using oxidative decarboxylation with SeO2 as oxidizing agent.
  • Synthesized thiocoumarin/benzo(7,8)coumarin and thiocoumarin-4-acetic acids by using P2S5 as thionating agent.
  • Synthesized Dicoumaryls by Knoevenagel and cyclisation reaction.


Insturments used during research work:

  • The IR spectra of molecules were studied to discuss various stretching and bending vibrations of coumarin derivatives.
  • The 1H NMR spectra were recorded to confirm the structural configurations and types of protons in the molecule.
  • The Mass spectra were recorded to confirm the structure of compounds by studying their M/Z values.
  • Synthesized coumarin derivatives were studied for their biological activity with positive results. These testing were done in Haffkine’s Institute, Mumbai.


Academic Research Activities:

Approved research chemistry guide of SHRI JAGDISHPRASAD JHABARMAL TIBREWALA (Rajsthan) , Registration number: JJT/2K9/SC/0831


Conference/Seminar Attended:

  • A two days executive development program entitled ‘Zen and art of executive leadership’ at IIM Shillong, Meghalay – July 11-12, 2011.

  • A six days ISTE Approved short term training programme on ‘FACULTY DEVELOPMENT’ organised by Shree L R Tiwari college of engineering, mira road, Thane – December 24th -29th 2012.

  • A Ten days National Conference on Analog electronics conducted by IIT Kharagpur under national mission on education through ICT organised by Shree L R Tiwari College of Engineering, Mira road, Mumbai – January 4th -14th , 2013.



  • Synthesis of Novel 4-styryl coumarins” Journal of Indian council of chemists, 17(1), 2000. P.1-2.
  • Synthesis of biologically active 4-formyl coumarins” Journal of Indian council of chemists, 17(2), 2000. P.35-38.
  • Synthesis of biologically active Dicoumaryl ethenes” Journal of Indian council of chemists, 17(2), 2000. P.39-42.
  • Synthesis of some 4-formyl coumarins/Benzocoumarins derivatives and potential biologically active schiff’s bases” Journal of Indian council of chemists, 18(1), 2001. P.49-52.
  • Synthesis of potentially biologically active 2H-1-benzo/naphthopyran-2-thione derivatives” Journal of Indian council of chemists, 18(1), 2001, P.45-48.


Memberships of Professional Bodies:

  • Member of Indian council of chemist.

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