Prof. Chetan Bapat(HAS)

Committee Members

1) Prof. Sheetal Mahadik (ETRX)          2) Prof. Namrta Kulkarni (EXTC)

3) Prof. Sunil Yadav (IT)                         4) Prof. Apeksha Naik (CMPN)

5) Prof. Amarnath landge (MECH)        6) Prof. Tushar Devaikar (CIVIL)  

ole and Responsibilities                     

  1. To collect the following information from the HOD:
    1. Teaching load distribution (Individual faculty’s teaching load in the department).
    2. Sharing teaching load from other departments.
    3. Lab-wise subject allotment.
    4. Classrooms and lab availability.
  2. To prepare class wise time table at beginning of each semester.
  3. Coordinating between different time table in-charges [if required] to set teachers time table.
  4. Distributing the time table to teachers and lab assistant. To resolve any discrepancies if pointed out.
  5. Prepare the final draft and get it approved and authorized from HOD and principal.
  6. Distributing final time table to respective teachers and lab assistants.
  7. Displaying the time table on notice boards of respective standards/ departments.
  8. Distributing the time table to college site coordinator for displaying it on college site.
  9. Maintaining the time table file [with original documents] in department.