Prof. Anju Arya


Committee Members

1) Prof. Madhuri Gedam                        2) Prof. Aabha Patil

3) Prof. Usha Bag                                    4) Prof. Manish Rane


Student Care Services promotes success in Institute by providing comprehensive academic assistance. Through professional mentoring, we nurture a sense of connection and community and provide students with access to available resources to support, encourage and nurture a meaningful overall experience at institute.

The Institute provides individualized counselling for personal, career, and academic information, activities, and instruction designed to acquaint students with career options; exposure to inter college cultural and technical events.  The Institution follows a ‘Process oriented student centric learning approach’. This has been an integral part of the system and procedures of our institution. This approach resulted into a distinctive percentage of student’s progress to higher education and later to employment eventually. The atmosphere of the institution has always encouraged studies, interaction of students and faculties with eminent personalities, and exposure to industry & various academic areas. Following committees take care of various student related issues.


Excellence in education is the prime focus of the institute. The grievance handling procedure will contribute to the maintaining the harmonious environment in the organization.

Role and Responsibilities

  • For any complaints the redressal sought is just and fair
  • The solution of such complaints is within the framework of rules and regulations.
  • A special cell for ladies is maintained.
  • Ensures effective, sensitive and confidential communication between all involved is taken care of.