Prof. Neha Jain (CMPN)

Committee Members

1) Prof. Zainab Mizwan (EXTC)                2) Prof. Mrunalini Deshmukh (CIVIL)

3) Prof. Deepali Patil (IT)                          4) Prof. Abhijeet Samanta (MECH)


Role: Academic coordinator is responsible for drafting, regulating and implementing different academic policies. It is meant for smooth & uniform conduction of academics throughout the institute.


  • To do departmental Faculty-Academic Pre-Preparation & and generate verification Report
  • To Conduct monthly audit of course delivery monitoring and submit report to HOD.
  • To conduct midterm Academic Monitoring submit report to HOD.
  • To conduct end term Academic Monitoring submit report to HOD.
  • To maintain departmental Academic file.
  • To prepare departmental Academic Calendar.
  • To report 10 minutes before commencement of classes and wait in corridor to maintain discipline along with class teacher.
  • To make sure that daily attendance report of each class is filled properly before submitting.
  • To monitor work of class teacher & teacher for smooth conduction of academics.
  • To conduct interdepartmental Audit per semester.
  • To observe lecture conduction of faculty member along with senior faculties.