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Avishkar and eyantra


The frontiers of education are changing every day. We are moving from the
knowledge based society to a society of innovation and thus research becomes one of the
most important components of higher education.

The Avishkar Research Convention is designed with the intention to develop a
research culture and scientific temper among the students, scholars and teachers from
under-graduate to doctoral level in the state of Maharashtra.

The activity will also help to develop skill, review new dimensions of explored areas
of knowledge as well as the unexplored areas of enquiry.


  • To identify the hidden innovative scientific talents and capacities of students.
  • To promote aptitude with emphasis on high standards of research and development activities for the benefit of students and teachers.
  • To explore the active student centred paradigm of education.
  • To excel active learning standards of research.
  • To develop personality and communication skills among the students.
  • To produce a research scholars commensurate with the need of future.
  • To open new channels of scholarly research between faculty and students.

Categories and Levels

Students of the University are allowed to participate in any of the following category
discipline irrespective of their own discipline / course.

Categories / Disciplines

  • Category 1: Humanities, Languages and Fine Arts
  • Category 2: Commerce, Management and Law
  • Category 3: Pure Sciences
  • Category 4: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
  • Category 5: Engineering and Technology
  • Category 6: Medicine and Pharmacy

The students can participate in above disciplines in the following level where fit eligible.


  • Level 1: Undergraduate Students (UG)
  • Level 2: Postgraduate Students (PG)
  • Level 3: Post PG Students (PPG)
  • Level 4: In-service Teachers (TH)

What kind of project are expected ??

  • Novel
  • Self
  • Society oriented
  • Application Based
  • Interdisciplinary

For any other Query regarding Avishkar contact us :-

Teacher Co-ordinator:

  • Prof. Saurabh Suman
  • (IT Department)
  • 9768563763
  • Dr. Fahad Usmani
  • (Machenical Department)
  • 9930807197

Student Co-ordinator:

  • Prof. Saurabh Suman
  • (IT Department)
  • 9768563763
  • Dr. Fahad Usmani
  • (Machenical Department)
  • 9930807197
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