‘GIVING LIFE TO NEW IMAGINATION’’is exactly what MECHANICAL ENGINEERING mean. Mechanical engineering not only dominates the engineering and industrial sectors but also had equipped the same with common man lifestyle, starting from wrist watch to the sophisticated cars everything comes under this core field. Mechanical forms basics and core of all technical aspects of engineering. Mechanical engineering is the vast field which comprises of various sectors like production, manufacturing, automotive etc, and many more. The self-esteem of this field lies where every other field has dependency on it. Mechanical Engineer should be technically sound and should have good thinking ability to explore and develop their knowledge in all other fields. Mechanical engineering is the basic field that gets transformed in every other field like electronics, computer and many more so that it could help in development of nation. Looking forward the business establishment most of the industries like manufacturing, plastics , textile, automotive components, whether it’s a batch type production or mass type everything is empowered by mechanical. Out of 100% about 75 to 80% of industries comes under mechanical sector. So, it becomes very important to be precise and technically develop by business point of view. Not only the core technical knowledge but also planning the work and management of it, also comes under it. One of the important motto of Mechanical engineering is doing smart work and meet the demands of normal life and improve the standard of living to make work more easier and fast.

The Mechanical Engineering Course offers to build their ideas in mechanical design through various software and to make a good Mechanical engineer.

In Shree L.R. Tiwari College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering department offers a four year undergraduate affiliated to University of Mumbai.

Undergraduate Course (BE): It is a four year undergraduate degree course.

  • First Year Engineering
  • Second Year Engineering
  • Third Year Engineering
  • Final Year Engineering