Second Year
3rd Semester 4th Semester
EXS301 Applied Mathematics III EXS401 Applied Mathematics IV*
ELX302 Electronic Device and Circuits I EXC402 Electronic Devices &Circuits-II
ELX303 Digital Circuit Design EXC403 Microprocessor and Peripherals
ELX304 Electrical Network Analysis and Synthesis EXC404 Digital System Design
ELX305 Electronic Instruments and Measurements EXC405 Principles of Communication Engineering
ELXL301 Electronic Devices and Circuits I Laboratory EXC406 Linear Control System
ELXL302 Digital Circuits and Design Laboratory EXL401 Electronic Devices and Circuits II Laboratory
ELXL303 Electrical Networks and Measurements Laboratory EXL402 Microprocessors and Applications Laboratory
ELXL304 Object Oriented Programming Methodology Laboratory EXL403 Digital System Design Laboratory
    EXL404 Principles of Communication Engineering Laboratory
Third Year
 5th Semester 6th Semester
EXC501 Microcontrollers and Applications EXC601 Basic VLSI Design
EXC502 Design with Linear Integrated Circuits EXC602 Advanced Instrumentation Systems
EXC503 Electromagnetic Engineering EXC603 Computer Organization
EXC504 Signals and Systems EXC604 Power Electronics I
EXC505 Digital Communication EXC605 Elective-I
EXC506 Business Communication and Ethics EXC606 Digital Signal Processing and Processors
EXL501 Microcontrollers and Applications Laboratory EXL601 VLSI Design Laboratory
EXL502 Design with Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory EXL602 Advance Instrumentation and Power Electronics
EXL503 Digital Communication Laboratory EXL605 Laboratory
EXL504 Mini Project I EXL603 Mini Project II
Last Year
 7th Semester 8th Semester
EXC701 Embedded System Design EXC801 CMOS VLSI Design
EXC702 IC Technology EXC802 Advanced Networking Technologies
EXC703 Power Electronics –II EXC803 MEMS Technology
EXC704 Computer Communication networks EXC804X Elective-III
EXC705 Elective – I EXC806 Project-II
EXC706 Project – I EXL801 CMOS VLSI Design Laboratory
EXL701 Embedded System Design Laboratory EXL802 Advanced Networking Technologies Laboratory
EXL702 IC Technology Laboratory EXL803 MEMS Laboratory
EXL703 Power Electronics –II Laboratory EXL804X Elective –II Laboratory
EXL704 Computer Communication and Network Laboratory    
EXL705X Elective – I Laboratory