To be a department of high repute focused on quality education, training and skill development in the field of computer engineering to prepare professionals and entrepreneurs of high caliber with human values to serve our nation and globe.


  • M1: To provide fertile academic environment for the development of skilled professionals and empowered with knowledge, skills, values, and confidence to take the leadership role and to bridge the gap between industry institute and society in the field of Computer engineering.
  • M2: To promote caring and interactive teaching practices in a rejoicing learning ambience with richly supported modern educational tools and techniques.
  • M3: To enhance and revitalize research culture to provide practical exposure and to establish synergy between teaching and research and make it an enabler for speedy progress.
  • M4: To pursue intensification of soft skills and personality development through interplay of achievers of all segments of our society.
  • M5: To provide human values to students by promoting lifelong learning ability.