As all of we know that many critical utilities provided by computer engineering. It having large impact on public welfare, safety as well as health & health care, the environment, quality of life, transportation.  Practically the demands for good engineers is high in every country in the world. There is large shortage of chartered & in corporate engineers from the fields such as finance, mechanical, computer than any other profession.

Today’s world is the digital world, and those who understand this world can become valuable additions to technology. Computers and computer technology are always changing and developing. In today’s economy is totally depends on the computer engineering for providing computer systems with fastest speed, up-to-date functions and security. Computer Engineering enables students to make expertise in a variety of areas such as software design, integrating hardware & the use of computers to control an industrial plant.


Shree L R Tiwari college of Engineering, Computer Engineering department offers an undergraduate as well as postgraduate program which is affiliated by Mumbai University.

Courses offered

B.E – Computer Engineering (Duration of 04 years)

M.E – Computer Engineering (Duration of 02 years)