A Teacher’s job is extremely demanding! He has to have thorough technical knowledge, good oratory, command over communication tools, organizational skills, ability to learn and evolve and above all, a passion for teaching! A Teacher’s occupation is perhaps the most responsible one, as he handles the most sensitive, most vulnerable and most valuable resource viz. young intelligent minds. A Teacher has to teach his students to dream high and then lead them on the path to convert those dreams into reality. He has to be a benevolent dictator, an affectionate and yet resolute task-master who can inculcate right technical knowhow and high human values into the young budding minds.

Yes! We are certainly looking for such dedicated teachers. If you think you have got what it takes to be a teacher, then send us your detailed resume at career@slrtce.in and we will get back to you.

Faculty Requirement of Teaching Staff in January 2016 


Sr. No Subjects No. of Posts
1  Computer Engineering 04
2  Mechanical Engineering 05
3  Civil Engineering 03
4  Electronics Engineering 01
5  Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering 01


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