Michel de Montaigne has rightly said: “The great and glorious masterpiece of man is to know how to live to the purpose. This aptly describes the Hon. Secretary of Rahul Group of Schools and Colleges – Mr. Rahul Tiwari. A visionary with a steady perspective, he has consistently converted every pebble on the path trodden into a stone of success. He is a man of many portfolios, a member of the NSUI Mira-Bhayander Zilla Committee, the Secretary and also the Hon. Advisor of several educational institutions belonging to the Rahul Group. Having an illustrious background he is truly a youth icon of sterling nature and a dynamic enthusiast. This reflects in his keeping up with the latest trends by introducing innovative and progressive techniques into the field of education right from the grass root level to higher professional courses. However in his striving towards excellence he has retained the essential quality of being humanitarian with a modest approach.

As the phenomenon of globalization and privatization sets in the field of education, competition has become inevitable. As a result the local institutions will face competition from national level institutes which in turn will compete with international ones. It has been proved time and again both locally and globally that the only way to succeed or rather survive in such competitive environment is by way of delivering quality and achieving excellence driven by the desire to achieve excellence in imparting education. He knows the importance of monitoring and maintaining quality in all the avenues of Education Management viz-a-viz Academics, Administration, Infrastructure and Human Resource Development.


It has been proven time and again, both locally as well as globally, that the only way to succeed, rather ‘survive’, in an inevitably competitive environment born of globalization and privatization, is by delivering quality education and achieving excellence. The ultimate aim of this global competition is to sustain the development of the nation as a whole and not just individual or organizational progress. Each department at Shree L.R. Tiwari College of Engineering aims to provide you, dear students, with a strong, broad-based, engineering education. You will develop basic intellectual and organizational skills required to meet the present industrial demands with up-to-date technological, social and environmental knowhow. There are several extra-curricular activities at different levels to encourage internationally recognized research, and to provide top-quality academic experience and also community service to the people. It is a proud fact that our College has, in the past year, effectively managed to arrange Campus Recruitment for the First Batch of Final Year students! Reputed companies like IBM, TCS, NIIT, Clear Path, Ideapot, Genpact, RUVA etc. have absorbed our meritorious students and in the coming years many more renowned recruiters will be our associates.

It is no longer the case of ‘how to make something; but more a question of ‘what to make’?

On a personal note, I welcome you all to be a part of this Institute with a difference.

Wishing each of you great luck ahead!




Shree Rahul Education Society